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Preparing You for Success

Many people have a difficult time describing their past experience and future goals to potential employers. Let Resume Victory help you build your brand and show businesses that you're an ideal candidate. We offer our services nationwide and internationally. 


Resume Writing

A good resume is a concise, clear example of your previous work experience. A great resume takes that experience and demonstrates how you'll use it to make positive contributions to another company. We empower clients to develop a personal and professional brand through an exceptional resume. This is a highly creative and intuitive approach to resume writing that yields excellent results every time. We offer 3 unique Resume & Career Coaching packages to suit every need and every budget:

  1. Entry-Level Basic Package:  A personal Interview with a member of our Team, Coaching, Resume, and Cover letter
  2. Professional Package:  A personal Interview with a member of our Team, Coaching, Resume, Cover Letter and Job Search services
  3. Executive Package:  A personal Interview with a member of our Team, Coaching, Resume, Cover Letter, one-page Biography, and Job Search services

Career Coaching

Our career coaching and career counseling services helps you gain self-confidence, overcome resistance to change, and move forward professionally. Your fear of the unknown will disappear as we motivate you to stay on target and reach for the top. The future is always bright when you choose us as your guide.

For an individual, life is ever-changing and sometimes requires new strategies for your career by taking charge of your goals and defining a new direction. Taking the lead in your career requires intention, focus and a stream-lined resume that accurately reflects your personal and professional accomplishments aimed towards your career future.

Our services provide you with a flawless, focused, and visually appealing resume that reflects YOUR personal and professional brand, placing you ahead of the competition. Resume Victory offers resume writing, career coaching, and interview preparation so you can feel confident about your future and embrace new job opportunities.

Interview Preparation

Be completely prepared for the "million-dollar question" from any potential boss. We review popular questions that a prospective employer might ask and teach you how to answer them strategically. With comprehensive interview preparation, you learn:

How to Close the Deal | When to Talk Salary (& When Not to) | The Art of Negotiation

Career Search Resources & Tools

Discover the power of the internet and how to leverage local resources in your career search. We show clients how to proactively use search engines for a more successful result. Other services include:

Helping You Get in Touch with Potential Employers | Finding Top Employers in Your City | Finding Global Employment | Setting up a LinkedIn™ Account | Helping You with Volunteer Work | Helping You with Research