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"I'd been working on my resume for over a year, striving to demilitarize and distill my 20+ years of Air Force experience. After discussing the things I accomplished with Kari Peterson, she quickly translated my military experience into the appropriate civilian lingo. Her insight into the corporate world enabled me to target my military skills towards corporations in a way they could understand. I'm astounded by her results."

- Lt Col S. Rogers, TX Air National Guard

"She openly shared her vast knowledge of both the corporate world and small businesses, giving me the confidence and empowerment to take on a new career. It was Kari’s emotional and spiritual support that perhaps proved to be of most value. Kari’s infectious optimism and wonderful perspective helped to drive me forward. I truly appreciate all that Kari has done for me. I am supremely confident that she can help others to have the confidence and resources needed to take on a new career."

- E.G., Denver, Colorado

"Kari's resume work and coaching insights helped me land my dream job because it really represented my unique skills and experience so awesomely well. She was a pleasure to work with - smart, accommodating, creative, and full of business savvy. If one word could describe her services it would be - excellent!”

- Diane, Registered Nurse, Program Development and Coordinator

"You came to my assistance in the time of need and wrote a resume that will open doors to build my future for my children and I. Being a single mother words cannot express my gratitude for your help. Your compassion, knowledge and kindness will forever be remembered. Thank you again!"

- Seneta F., Operations Assistant, Parkland, FL


  "Thank you for your support with my career direction.  I have been sending out my resume with a renewed confidence and connecting with the companies that we identified. I am very close to landing my dream job!"

- J.S.,  Multi-Media & Broadcasting Production Manager, Atlanta, GA